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With your internet connection and your permission, watch as I fix your computer while you watch. No need to disconnect your PC and take it to your local repair shop. No need to have a stranger come into your home. I connect, repair, and disconnect. Fast, safe, and convenient.

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    "My computer is always freezing and when I try to play the daily recaps of my soaps and cannot get through a scene, I end up shutting the pc down and missing weeks of my soaps; at least until I have the courage to go at it again. This is a pain for any avid soap fan that tunes in to see Victor Newman, in yet, another tirade on his poor family. I knew my pc needed help, but I wasn't prepared to spend a lot of money. I heard about PCSwizz from a friend. I checked out the website and saw what services were available. I was very eager to set an appointment to get my FREE consultation. Free is definitely in my budget. I was able to set my appointment online; no need to bother calling and waiting for an operator to assist me. Patrick was prompt for my appointment and the best part..he never stepped foot into my home! Everything was done online! My pc is faster than ever and I have been able to watch an entire episode of Y&R without interruption. I highly recommend PCSwizz!”


    --by Angela Mackey in Hollywood, FL 

    “I must say that PCSwizz Computer Support is the best. You have questions, he has the answers! I can still remember when I thought I was going to throw my laptop out the window, PCSwizz managed to reset it as if it was brand new. I have made recommendations for his services and he never disappoints. Not only does he fix the problem, he also gives great advice on how to care for your computer to keep it in the best condition. You receive great customer support and advice, all for a reasonable price.  PCSwizz is #1 in my book!”

    --by Nikki Higgins in Ft. Lauderdale, FL